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“Groups Push Long-Term Efforts to Stop Drug Abuse,” by Marc S. Reisch, Chemical & Engineering News, 8/11/08. 
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Drugs at the Starting Line,” by Marc S. Reisch, Chemical & Engineering News, 8/11/08.
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“Gatekeeper for clean sports,” by Christa Case Bryant for The Christian Science Monitor, 8/4/08. One of a four-part series of articles about doping in sport. 
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"Bigger, stronger, faster?  Jury out on how steroid use affects performance of race horses."  Associated Press article, 6/20/08.
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In a personal piece written for ADR, former elite cyclist Brian Kelly looks back on his career and discusses the intense pressures in cycling to dope.
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ADR is one of the world's leading scientific institutes battling the use of performance- enhancing drugs in sport. Its team of researchers is highly qualified and works under the direction of Dr. Don Catlin, widely considered one of the fathers of drug testing in sport. For information on employment opportunities, click here.


Don Catlin, M.D. & Colleagues Publish Authoritative Four-Decade Review of Doping in Sport

Dr. Don Catlin, CEO of Anti-Doping Research and Professor Emeritus at the UCLA School of Medicine, along with colleagues Arne Ljungqvist, Vice President of WADA and Professor Emeritus at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, and Ken Fitch, a professor from the University of Western Australia and sports medicine consultant at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, have published an authoritative article about doping in sport in the August issue of the European-based Journal of Internal Medicine.   The wide-ranging peer-reviewed piece reviews anti-doping developments over the past 40 years and looks at the challenges scientists in the field may face in the future. 

For more information, see the Journal of Internal Medicine press release about the new article in Press Releases (in the Press Room).

Protecting the Integrity of Thoroughbred Racing

The Equine Drug Research Institute produced this video about its mission to protect the integrity of thoroughbred racing. ADR leads EDRI's research efforts. (8 minutes, 48 seconds.) View video.

EDRI is our current Sponsor in the Spotlight.  For more information, click here.

How the EPO Test Works

How does the EPO test work and how is it done?  Read a clear explanation offered by ADR here

For more information on anti-doping science, visit The Lab & the Library.

Information for Athletes

Athletes: Protect yourself and your sport. Learn what substances are prohibited in and out of competition.
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How to Make a Difference

Help fight the battle against performance-enhancing drugs in sport—contribute to Anti-Doping Research, Inc.  Donate $100 or more and receive an autographed copy of Caroline Hatton’s new book, The Night Olympic Team (Boyds Mills Press, 2008, ages 12 & up). For more information on donating to ADR, click here.

Network for Good is an online nonprofit fundraiser, approved by the Better Business Bureau.  For more information, click here.

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