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The Conference Room

The Conference Room

ADR. Trusted expertise that goes beyond research.


Anti-Doping Research, Inc. conducts business in a variety of areas in its efforts to help battle the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport. The Conference Room pages describe the five key elements of our work.

Oliver Catlin, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of ADR and also an ADR co-founder, manages ADR’s operations, business affairs, fundraising and collaborative efforts.

“I’m thrilled with the team we have in place at ADR,” says Catlin. “Our scientists come with unique abilities in a broad array of disciplines involved in the cutting edge of anti-doping science, affording us the ability to work in almost any area of the field. We have the experience and ability to tackle the complex problems of the future.”

Exploring new frontiers in research and participating in thwarting the development of new doping products is a central goal. The organization also focuses its extensive expertise on other facets of the problem.

“Science is only part of the equation,” Catlin explains. “To effectively deal with doping, we must also expand the understanding of the issues through education, share science and other information via collaboration, and explore novel approaches to anti-doping by developing new programs.”

ADR embodies this spirit as it seeks to ensure the future of sport and anti-doping.
Services include analytical research and method development, specialized analytical projects, program development, education and collaboration. We encourage you to contact us at 310-482-6925 or if you are interested in exploring the possibilities.