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The news reports available below contain information offered by or about Anti-Doping Research, Inc. or Don Catlin, M.D.



CNN – CNN’s Ray D’Alessio talks to Dr. Catlin about developing tests for baseball and other sports. The story, which runs 2 minutes, 31 seconds, aired December 13, 2007. To watch, click here.


“Golf Talk” – “Golf Talk” radio hosts Vince Mastracco and Brett Taylor interview Dr. Catlin on doping and professional golf. The lengthy interview aired on syndicated stations December 1, 2007. To listen, click on this link, then click on “Golf Talk, 12/1/07.” The interview begins a few minutes into the show.


Associated Press – “Bigger, stronger, faster? Jury out on how steroid use affects performance of race horses.” Article, published June 20, 2008, is available online, via International Herald Tribune. To read it, click here. – “Detox,” an article about Dr. Catlin’s outlook on anabolic steroids in the thoroughbred industry, posted online March 25, 2008. To read it, click here. – “Steroid Prohibition Topic at Saratoga Racing and Gaming Institute” by Claire Novak, posted online on August 7, 2007. The article covers Dr. Catlin’s talk at the Albany Law School in which he discusses the Equine Drug Research Institute’s efforts to curb the use of anabolic steroids in thoroughbred horseracing. To read it, click here.

Chemical & Engineering News – “Drugs at the Starting Line,” by Marc S. Reisch, August 11, 2008. A comprehensive look at anti-doping efforts at the Olympics, as the Summer Games in Beijing begin. To read the article, click here.

Chemical & Engineering News – “Groups Push Long-Term Efforts To Stop Drug Abuse,” by Marc. S. Reisch, August 11, 2008. A brief article about Dr. Catlin’s idea for establishing a voluntary testing program and the first steps being taken to make it a reality. To read it, click here.

The Christian Science Monitor – “Gatekeeper for clean sports” by Christa Case Bryant, August 4, 2008. The final installment of a four-part series, the article focuses on Dr. Catlin and his work. To read it, click here.

Other articles in the series:
“For athletes accused of taking drugs, a Perry Mason of their own,” July 28, 2008. To read it,click here
“David Millar tries to clean up cycling from inside the peloton,” July 21, 2008. To read it, click here
“One woman leads a crusade to clean up cycling in Germany,” July 14, 2008. To read it, click here.

Los Angeles Times – “Turf battle awaits on testing for HGH,” by Bill Shaikin, December 15, 2007. An article about the need to develop a test for human growth hormone in Major League Baseball. To read it, click here

New Scientist – “Ending the Influence,” a brief interview with Dr. Catlin on a range of anti-doping topics, published August 11, 2007. To read it, click here.

New York Times – “Doctors Are Years Away From HGH Urine Test” by Duff Wilson ran in the paper September 18, 2007 and is available online. The article discusses Dr. Catlin’s thoughts on developing a reliable urine test for the use of human growth hormone (hGH). To read it, click here.

Outside magazine – “The Awful Truth About Drugs in Sports” by Brian Alexander is an in-depth article about Dr. Catlin, BALCO and THG, and the many challenges testers face. The piece appeared in the July 2005 issue, and can be read online here.

Running Times – “Protect the Innocent — The Real Doping Scandal: Little Protection for the Clean Athlete” by Jim Ferstle. A lengthy article about doping in elite sports and a discussion of various approaches to the problem; published in the January/February 2008 issue, it is available online here.

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