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Program Development

Program Development

Creating positive programs that encourage clean competition.


In our efforts to develop a larger anti-doping community, ADR is creating new programs that enlist the participation of the public and athletes. Some ideas are highlighted below. We also encourage you to propose any concept that you believe would be beneficial to the cause of anti-doping.

Dr. Catlin has been advocating the Volunteer Program approach for several years now, and finally some groups are adopting different variants of the concept. In such a program, athletes will be under constant medical evaluation. Biomarkers will be looked at to determine an athlete’s overall level of health as well as to confirm that they are not using doping agents. Athletes who pass the battery of tests and maintain similar body chemistry levels in future analyses will be given a “Clean” designation, something that is not possible to achieve in the current anti-doping system. An added benefit is that scientists would gain a better understanding of normal body chemistry that can lead to advances in detecting future forms of doping, such as gene manipulation. Volunteer testing will be the cornerstone of a novel approach to anti-doping and is something ADR seeks to develop with the support of the professional leagues and the international sporting community.