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About ADR

About ADR

ADR. Protecting the spirit and future of sport.


Sport is a sacred institution offering unique opportunities and challenges worth preserving. Sport offers much, but it also asks much, including sportsmanship and fair play. Unfortunately, in a competitive environment, such values sometimes get lost.

Don Catlin, M.D., recognized early on that performance-enhancing drugs would tempt some competitors, and in 1982 he founded the UCLA Olympic Analytical Lab. It was the first anti-doping lab in the United States, and, under his 25-year stewardship, grew to become the world’s largest.

A number of alarming drug discoveries by Dr. Catlin and his research team led to a belief that research and testing development needed to be bolstered and made permanent, and in 2005 he and his colleagues created Anti-Doping Research, Inc. The thoroughbred racing industry’s Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation’s Equine Drug Research Institute graciously provided initial funding.

The usual process of scientific project specific funding and publication can take years to complete. By devoting an entire organization to a broad mission for the long term, Dr. Catlin and his team have ensured that they are prepared to respond swiftly to new discoveries and developments.

ADR is recognized as one of the leading performance-enhancing drug research organizations in the world. It has an exceptional team of talented and highly qualified scientists, researchers and staff who are dedicated to the cause of anti-doping. They are working diligently on such projects as developing a reliable urine test to detect the use of human growth hormone (hGH), an important goal for many sports organizations worldwide.

Solutions rooted in the highest levels of scientific expertise require substantial funding. Thankfully, however, ADR has managed to keep the organization’s overhead and expenses low, so that as much money as possible can be applied directly to its mission objectives.

As a nonprofit organization, ADR is dependent on the support of committed individuals and organizations who share in its goals. ADR is grateful to the following major contributors, whose generous support makes ADR’s work possible: Amgen, the Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation’s Equine Drug Research Institute, Major League Baseball, the National Football League/National Football League Players Association Research & Education Foundation, and the United States Anti-Doping Agency.

In addition to identifying new drugs being used in competition and developing the tests to detect them, ADR seeks to foster education and discussion about doping and its consequences and help create positive programs that encourage competitors of all ages and levels to stay clean. ADR also engages in active collaboration with other anti-doping organizations and individuals.

Ridding sport of the influence of performance-enhancing drugs may not be easy, but it is an important goal that demands our best. The very spirit and future of sport may be riding on it.