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The Top Floor

The Top Floor

Please join us in our mission and help make a difference.


One of the simplest ways that a person or organization can help make a difference in the battle against the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport is by giving to Anti-Doping Research, one of the leading performance-enhancing drug research organizations in the world.

As a nonprofit organization, ADR depends on the generous support of individuals, corporations, sports leagues, anti-doping agencies and other organizations.

Support comes in a variety of forms, from corporate sponsorships and partnerships to grants and donations of money and technology. ADR continues to actively seek all such support.

Donations in any and all amounts are welcomed, and are tax deductible.

All those who give $100 or more receive an autographed copy of Caroline Hatton’s new book, The Night Olympic Team. (Boyds Mills Press, 2008, ages 12 and up.)*

All those who give are granted a place on our Gold List and given an official Anti-Doping Gold Seal Certificate.

*You may opt out of receiving the book, if you wish.