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About Us

About Us

ADR. One of the world’s leading anti-doping research organizations.


Anti-Doping Research is one of the leading performance-enhancing drug research organizations in the world. Its mission is to help rid sport of performance-enhancing drugs by uncovering new drugs being used in competition and developing the tests to detect them. The nonprofit organization is also part grassroots campaign, part collaborator and part think tank.

ADR was founded in 2005 by its CEO, Don Catlin, M.D., along with his son, Oliver Catlin, Vice President and CFO, and other colleagues. Widely considered one of the fathers of drug testing in sport, Dr. Catlin founded the first anti-doping lab in the United States, the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory, and served as its director for 25 years. He has overseen drug testing at every level of sport, including Olympic, professional and collegiate, and he and his team are responsible for pioneering many of the drug identification techniques currently in use.