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Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle

Share with others reasons that they shouldn’t choose to use performance-enhancing drugs.

Directions: On a beach, you discover a small slip of paper, a pencil and a bottle. A big competitive event is coming up and you need to stop a friend who’s competing from using performance-enhancing drugs. Using the items you’ve found, what messages do you impart to your friend?

E-mail your messages to and we will post some of the best here. The person whose message ADR judges at the end of the year to be the very best will receive a free tour of the Anti-Doping Research lab and a meeting with Dr. Don Catlin.

In your e-mail, please include your name and location. If younger than 18, please also state your age. If you are affiliated with a sport and would like to share that, please let us know. We look forward to receiving your message and sharing it with others.

Message #1. From Eddy Richard, former elite judo competitor, France, 5/28/08:

Don’t be a tool.

A fake victory is full of only one thing: shame.

Would you like to be a fallen athlete who’s been caught using performance-enhancing drugs and have your whole reputation go up in smoke?

What true hero has used performance-enhancing drugs to win an event? Nada, zip, zero, none. Using makes you just one thing: a loser.

When you compete well in an event, who do you want your trophy, medal or ribbon going to? You? Or some performance-enhancing drug?

Your integrity is your real power. Don’t trash your dreams by dirtying yourself.

Stay on the right track. Stay clean.

That’s how you win your greatest victory.

Message Example:

Using performance-enhancing drugs to be competitive is a losing proposition.
Don’t risk your health, all your hard work and accomplishments, your family’s investment of time and money, the reputation of your team and the viability of your sport. With testing that’s increasingly advanced and thorough, a growing resolve of clean athletes and sports leagues to fight doping, and stiffening punishments that can include extended suspensions and even in some countries jail time for you and your parents, coaches, trainers, doctors and others around you, it’s simply not worth it.

Be smart. Perform with your best self. Compete cleanly.